Frigid Fish is a small startup mobile application development company founded by Rick Nuthman based in the UK & the US. We build apps that are fun, look good & perform superbly. We have several titles under development including side scrollers, tower defense, entertaining logic puzzles & word games. Our small team of fun, hard working creative folks love to experiment & push the boundaries of possibility in modern app development.




Developer / Sound Design

Art Director


Rick learned to program after he got an Atari 800XL for his 7th birthday which he used to write music coded procedurally in BASIC. Later, he acquired on an old 8088 PC on which he ran a local MIDI enthusiast themed BBS.


From the start Rick was a technical jack of all trades. From building, testing and configuring  computer systems to PCB revisions &  technical consulting.


Rick has spent the last 10 years as a contract developer, specializing in translating physical games into fully interactive on-line experiences.

Amanda studied digital animation at Bournemouth NCCA. She worked in concept design in Hollywood before moving to the doll/toy industry, training & working at Mattel HQ.


She has worked in toys & games for 15 years, founding a multimedia design company, Pint Size Art. Her company offers product development, digital design & marketing services. She got into digital game design transferring board games into digital games for toy companies. Since then, Amanda has designed for console name brands as well as mobile & web gaming platforms.


Mark has been coding games since he was 8 years old - starting on a Vic 20, moving to a Commodore 64 & the Amiga.  During this time he was published in many of the leading computer magazines & his game “Colour Bind” was featured on a cover disk & has since been widely copied and redistributed.


More recently Mark has moved into mobile & web game development and has worked for a US organization helping to convert several of their real-world puzzle games into iOS & Android applications.




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